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The hub for all your planning needs.

Querio is where your team can find all information on planning, working hours, locations, tasks, and more.



Plan your workforce the ease way and communicate with employees by mail or app.


Easy to learn

Every member of your team can learn how to use Querio and get the best out of it.


Competence Based Scheduling™

Take competences into account when making a plan.



Get to know all ins -and-outs from the planning process with comprehensive reporting facilities.

Easy to use

Querio is easy to learn.
In a browser or in the app.

Querio is designed with every user in mind. Anyone can use it, even the language is switchable.

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Our friendly support team
will help you with anything.

We aim to take care of you. Need help with installation, find a bug, or just need a clarifiction about our documentation? We'll be there to lend a helping hand.


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Start planning with Querio to improve the planning process and make your employees happier!

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